Salary Negotiation Tips – The Negotiation Skills You Need for The Salary You Deserve.

Salary Negotiation Tips - The Negotiation Skills You Need for The Salary You Deserve.
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Ever dream of receiving an additional $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000+ in yearly compensation? I’m sure you have. Learn how to determine your worth, increase your worth, and get it the raise that you deserve!

I’ll show you how to prove to your company that you’re worth more than they’re paying you and I’ll give you the tools that you need to get the compensation that you deserve!

By purchasing this guide you have identified yourself as one of the alarmingly small minority who take full responsibility for their future and are prepared to do whatever is required to fulfill their life goals and objectives. Requesting a pay raise is something that fills most people with dread and insecurity. This doesn’t need to be the case, IF you know what you are doing. By going through this book you will have access to the best tactics, tips, and strategies of requesting and obtaining the pay raise you deserve!

I not only show you how to determine what you’re worth and negotiate a higher salary, I show you how to build the confidence that you need when entering that all important meeting.

Fantastic book to prepare for your next salary negotiation, give yourself the upper hand in the negotiation and the confidence of knowing your true worth beforehand.

This is an excellent "how to" book on increasing your salary. I wasn’t expecting much when I purchased it but, it surpassed my expectations. I am currently undergoing a performance review next month and this book has everything I need to ensure I get the best out of the review. I specifically, liked the sections on strengths and weaknesses, understanding what you are really worth, and learning how your pay is directly related to the amount of value and contribution you add to the growth of the business. I just so happened to stumble upon this book and I am very happy with the quality of the content of this book.

Salary negotiation is an emotive subject and it is easy to feel that there is no negotiation but a dictation from above. Jake Williamson has put together a very well structured and thought out set of tips. It reminded me a theme of Sun Tzu – "So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss." This is a proper approach and one that is readily respected. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

I figured out how to climb up the ranks quickly while serving and I used this to my advantage when entering the civilian workforce. I effectively negotiated my way to 6 figure salaries almost immediately after entering the work force and continued to increase my salary before deciding to take a mini-retirement at the age of 30.

I’m going to teach you how to plan for and execute a successful salary negotiation so you can stop worrying and start getting properly compensated for your hard earned skills and long working hours. Read more…

21 Ways To Make Money – $1000 to $5000 Per Month

21 Ways To Make Money - $1000 to $5000 Per Month
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“Let me show you how I make between $1,000 to $5,000 per month with just my laptop and internet connection”

You now have the amazing opportunity to learn exactly what I do to create this income, and copy everything I show you to create your own internet business.

Have you ever thought of starting an online business that could give you a part-time, or even a full-time income?

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online and would like to learn from someone who has been making $1000-$5000 per month you’ve come to the right place! You see … When I first started looking at business opportunities to make money online I was very sceptical. I had seen websites, newspapers, and TV ads on how to make thousands on the internet.

I searched and searched trying to find a way to make money online, and I purchased just about every type of money making program available. But I didn’t have much success.

Eventually, one day, KABOOM! It hit me, yes it did, I discovered several legitimate ways to make a few hundred and thousands of dollars on the internet every single month.

The internet has completely changed my life! I have finally figured out so many ways to make money online and escape the 9-to-5 rat race for good!

No matter what part of the world you are from or what your level of knowledge is with computers, you can take the skills you already have and start cashing in by creating an online income by using one or many of the ways I will educate you on.

I will show you how you can make an excellent monthly income on the internet with just a computer and internet connection. I’ll teach you everything you need to know, how to set everything up, earn money and establish a VERY successful online business.

I’ve put together an easy-to-follow course with over 5 hours of video training that can start making you at least $100 per day online now. Simply learn at your own pace.

This course reveals 21 different business models that are proven to make cash. Just one of these internet businesses earned me over $10,000 last year.

You have a chance to learn many ways to make money online with stuff you never thought would be profitable or needed. Steal all my secrets, methods, techniques, hints and tips on how I really do make thousands all from the internet.

NO investment… NO door to door selling… NO selling over the phone… NO staff… NO face-to-face meetings… NO MLM (multi-level marketing)… NO risk…

"You will be learning how to make money online from someone who REALLY has experience!"

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra $500…or even $3,000 a month? Wouldn’t that change a lot of things for you? Of course it would!

I am giving you the power to cut out all the guesswork, and get my secrets in a quick, easy-to-follow video format. So you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did.

With this incredible course you will get information on everything from starting the business, what you need to do, how much you can make, and even what decisions you should make in order to succeed.

After I have explained each and every method, you’ll be amazed at how easy and simple starting an online business can be!

All you have to do is follow my step by step instructions and you’re on… Read more…

Profitable Startups: Profitable Home Based Business Ideas

Profitable Startups: Profitable Home Based Business Ideas
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I learned the hard way that working hard and being the ideal employee does not lead to financial freedom or job satisfaction. Despite years of faithful service, my company laid me off. The American Dream is Gone, OVER. Today the only way to financial security is to own your own business. But you know this already. You already want to own your own business. Like me, you are sick and tired of dragging yourself out of bed to spend 8 hours at a job you hate, with no future and no security. But where to start? Franchises look tempting, but who has $45,000 or more to get started? Ever thought about opening a pizza joint, or a donut shop? Better bring $400,000 or more to the table. Is it possible for the average person, like me and you, to start and grow a viable business?

Thousands of people dream about owning their own business, but never even get started. You may be skeptical about your ability to start a successful business. You may be paralyzed by fear. It’s little wonder, because there are a lot of Myths out there. These myths create fear, and prevent our dreams from ever coming true.

We list numerous free and low-cost resources to kickstart your new venture, and to give your business a professional look and feel.

We can literally spread our marketing message deep within our target audience base in a matter of a few days – and best of all, you can do it absolutely FREE or at a very affordable cost! The emergence of internet marketing has even brought the cost of print advertising down.

Stay At Home Profits steps you through the process of finding free or low-cost advertising to build your customer base.

If you wanted to start a new landscaping business and your neighborhood already had a successful landscaping business with 17 new trucks and dozens of employees, would that discourage you? Don’t let it! The reality is that you don’t need to create the next multi-million dollar company. This guide is all about teaching you how to create a home based business that suits your lifestyle so you can spend more time with your friends and family doing the things you love. A lot of the business ideas in Stay At Home Profits can be started on the side, in your spare time. Over time, with dedication and hard work they can grow into a full time business, allowing you to quit your present job. In the meantime it will be nice knowing you have a Plan B to fall back on.

Your new business does not need to be the next big thing, and starting off small does not preclude you from making a lot of money later as your business grows.

With corporations constantly cutting benefits and downsizing, how much longer can you rely on them for benefits?

Spend a few hours on the internet and your head will be spinning with conflicting ideas. Just when you think you have it figured out, you find another article which contradicts the first. You can waste a lot of time and money going down the wrong roads on the internet. We call Stay At Home Profits a roadmap, and that’s exactly what it is. We cut through all the fluff and set you on the path to success quickly. If you are serious about starting your own business, you must have this guide.

Our guide is full of insider tips and advice from entrepeneurs that have already built these businesses, resources that cannot… Read more…

Legit Online Jobs – Special Offer

Legit Online Jobs - Special Offer
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Online advertising has skyrocketed over the past few years. In 2013, companies spent close to $50 billion advertising online. That figure is expected to increase substantially in 2013. What does this mean for you? A lot more money could be going into your bank account this year. That’s IF you take advantage of this secret system.

Companies worldwide are desperately searching for people just like you to type up their ads and post them online, and they’ll pay you nicely in return. It’s a win-win situation. They get more customers, you get paid. It’s as simple as that. These companies have cash, LOTS of it and they’re eager to share it with you. All types of individuals around the world are using this system to make more money than they ever could working in a boring, dead-end job. You can work part-time or full-time, it’s all up to you.

All you need to get started is a computer with internet access. You’ll be posting short text ads for companies and submitting them into various online forms. No prior skills or work experience required, just basic computer skills. You don’t need any degree in marketing to do this. Heck, you didn’t even have to finish high school! We’re going to show you EXACTLY how to do everything with our Step-by-Step Video guides and Image tutorials. That way, you can work at your own pace.

You submit the ads on your own schedule, day or night, and you do as many as you want with absolutely no restrictions. There will always be work for you to do no matter where you live. This is a successful money-making program with unlimited potential. We’ll show you all the steps you need to make money posting ads for companies online. It runs virtually on autopilot. Once your ads are submitted, they can be making money for you over and over. In other words, you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer all day just to make money. You can go play golf with your friends or go shopping at the mall with your family. It’s totally up to you. That’s the beauty of this system. These companies require no experience, members worldwide are accepted and you may begin immediately. You will be provided with everything you need to get started; including some sample info that you can just copy and paste into the forms, along with our Complete Step-by-Step System.

We’ve already got thousands of members around the world using our system, posting ads for companies and generating a great income doing it. Please keep in mind, this opportunity is for serious individuals who are willing to put in the effort. If you are a committed individual and think you can put in a couple hours per week submitting these ads, we want you on board!

Here’s a screenshot from one of our test accounts we setup to prove this system works. This Account Makes Over $200/DAY! Now everyone won’t start out making this kind of cash. This is a legitimate way to make a good income using your computer and the internet. Don’t expect to make $1000 per day. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if you follow our system correctly, you can earn a good income every month.

You can be paid weekly in all kinds of ways including check by mail, direct deposit, wire transfer and even directly to your Paypal account. These companies are reliable. You get paid on time, every single time. No… Read more…

College Student Work

College Student Work
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New people are wanted for easy independent work, consisting of simple tasks like filling out survey forms and reading email. You can do this from any internet connection (including most smart phones).

This is Perfect if you are a college student, want flexible income or have a job and need extra income.

A total of $25.00 in Starting Bonuses are currently available (bonuses are included on your first paycheck).

You qualify and will be accepted if you are 18+ years old. There is a one time registration fee to set up your work listing site access and to issue your password. Then simply log in whenever you want, pick the opportunities that interest you and start working. You will need to fill in basic information once with each opportunity, so you can get paid and receive work that is best for you. Easy registration takes less than a minute. (Register Now while Available). Read more…

Land and Offshore Oil Industry Workers

Land and Offshore Oil Industry Workers
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We have been helping people gain employment in the land and offshore oil industry since 1998. offers you the best employment placement service for the offshore oil industry available today. You can not get off to a better and faster start. 100% Guaranteed.

We uncover the best kept employment secret. Ever wonder why some unlikely guys get a job in oil and gas and you don’t?

Do you want a better job? Getting a job in oil and gas is not like getting a job in any other industry! Our Job is to help you.

Make this the turning point in your life. Who knows where it could lead? In a few days you could be starting a new high paid job with infinite possibilities. Perhaps you have the ability to be in charge of over 100 people and a rig. This industry is one that really likes to promote from within. You could travel the world and get paid a massive wage with half the year off.

Don’t pay for expensive resume writing services. Anyone can call themselves a "professional resume writer". In our experience these services sound good but often make little or no difference. We give you hints and tips to help you create a powerful resume yourself FREE. It’s no wonder that we are the number one choice for oil and gas recruitement.

We take great pride in offering a service that takes the time and hassle out of applying for jobs on land and offshore oil rigs. You could waste many months and a lot of money trying to gather the information that we make available for you today. We do the work for you.

We provide advice that you can’t get anywhere else, and we give you the encouragement that you need to succeed.

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you do nothing else today, sign up for our Newsletter, you’ll be glad you did.

Key points that land and offshore rig bosses love to read in the Resume / CV. This really catches the attention of bosses because you appear to be someone that knows what you are talking about or you learn real fast. Either way is good. This industry is different. You need to talk the talk.

How to make your Resume / CV powerful for the Oil Industry. Do not waste your time sending the same Resume / CV to the oil companies that you send to other companies. Our forms are short but sweet for a reason.

Our visitors tell us they just want an honest service which is plain and simple. Let us help you realize your dream of working on an oil rig. click here…

You can not afford to waste time and money with general job sites that have no idea what it takes to get a job in the land and offshore oil industry.

We have 100% optional advanced professional services. Due to expenses for every user, we must charge a small once only administration charge for some services only.. There is no obligation or requirement to buy any advanced professional services at any time.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You will only regret it if you do not try. Take your first step now. click here…

Getting a job in the offshore oil industry is not like getting a job in any other industry. Our full membership professional services are designed for this industry and they really work.

We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We will not give your details to anyone else and you can easily and automatically un-subscribe at any time. Read more… Telecommuting Resource for Work at Home Jobs Telecommuting Resource for Work at Home Jobs
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The Homejobstop Job Bank is an active job board specializing in telecommuting and work from home jobs. In addition to our extensive Job Bank, we offer an exclusive online guidebook, email update reports and more.

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for work online, chances are you’ve spent most of that time dismissing hype and poor offers.

You will not find an exhaustive list of ad-posting schemes, pyramid schemes, chain letters, cash gifting offers, or other well known schemes.

You will find a wide variety of job opportunities including freelance and contract opportunities as well as FT and PT positions in both entry-level and professional-level work.

The Homejobstop Job Bank is one the few job boards on the Internet that successfully maintains a support-based structure that is completely free of commercial advertising.

We do not accept paid ads on our job board. We don’t make outrageous claims, and we do not permit outrageous claims to enter our Job Bank. Homejobstop has been in operation for over 11 years. With thousands of satisfied members to date, our dedication to quality content has earned us a respectable reputation and the honor of being the Internet’s most popular destination for today’s working families.

Getting started is easy. You can click here to Sign Up Now, and instantly access the Homejobstop Job Bank, or you can take a moment

"I just want to let you know I can not say enough good stuff about this site. The first day I applied for work I secured two – that’s 2 – jobs. One I will do during the day and one at night. I now do not have to worry about my Daughter not ever seeing her Mom. THANK YOU so much. " A believer in You, Laura T.

"I found my current job at your site and am looking for other things too! It really is excellent to have a central site that is so well organized. I appreciate your work and the help it provides." James, NC, USA

"I have been a member of your site for quite some time, and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am still very impressed with your website. You do such a wonderful job helping people like me find work from home positions. Take pride in a job well done — you deserve it." Heart felt appreciation, Shannon

"Hi I just wanted to say thanks for your site and all the work that goes into it. I just started a new job (operator) that I found on your website and I so far I am loving it! I will definitely recommend this site to other people I know!" Rebecca M., WV, US

"HomeJobStop: Thank you so very much for your web site. I just got offered a job and I start this week! This is a great site for any one looking for a home-based job." Thanks Again, J Johnson

"I can honestly say your site has proven to be exactly what you say it is. I found my current position on your site and it is what I’ve always wanted in a home based opportunity. It’s interesting work, flexible and the pay is awesome. I became a member in 2005 and found the perfect job within weeks. I can’t thank you enough for an honest, legitimate site." Cynthia M, OK, USA

FREE: Join Today and you will receive your own free copy of the popular book, "Finding The Perfect Job." This book is filled with essential tips, techniques, and secrets such as: how to get… Read more…

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